We, Deluxe Joinery, are a team of fantastic engineers and designers who can create any type of bespoke furniture. Be it a bedside table, a TV wall unit, a cupboard or something else, we will professionally design to provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Bespoke furniture has become the fashion. Many of our customers do not want to settle for a pre-made design and that’s a trend we love!

Many of our customers want their interiors designed exclusively and we love that taste! We are specialist bespoke furniture makers and can design, manufacture and install varied types of furniture that meet all required standards. With Deluxe Joinery, it is always your choice. You can choose to match all your furniture or create a contrasting look. No matter your dream design or budget, we can make things happen. We take our small projects as seriously as our big ones, because we believe each piece of furniture deserves special care.

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We are passionate about making bespoke furniture, and would love to hear from you if you love exclusive designs! Value for money and customer is the core of our business, so we design all our furniture to our client’s specifications.

We are based in London and would love to have you as our esteemed client. If you are in or around London and looking to furnish your home with beautiful bespoke furniture, get in touch with us. We see our growth in your satisfaction
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Reach out to us if you are looking to furnish your home with the best joinery furniture. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Let’s sit, let’s talk. Once we know your budget, personality and lifestyle, we know what will interest you. Hire us and sit back, we will do the rest. We also work on schedule and complete our job on time. With us, you will not be inconvenienced in any manner.

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