At Deluxe Joinery, we believe wardrobes are one of the most important pieces of furniture. We create bespoke wardrobes in colours, styles and finishes to suit you and your home. We’ll engineer the ultimate storage space to fit your needs. Large walls or odd corners – we will design a modern or built-in wardrobe that perfectly fits your space. Our fitted or built-in wardrobes are manufactured to provide maximum utility. We love to make it easy for our customers to organize their spaces, so we design wardrobe interiors that perfectly match your specifications. We are also experts in designing grand walk-in wardrobes, tailored to suit your needs. If you choose a modern wardrobe, we offer a range of materials such as steel, glass and fabric for you to choose from and create a stylish finish.

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Why choose our Wardrobes?

  • We source materials from trustworthy suppliers – you can be assured of quality and durability
  • We will design exclusive storage spaces for your belongings. Be it shoe racks, accessories, clothes or jewelry, store things conveniently and access them with ease with our bespoke wardrobes
  • We manufacture both sliding and hinged doors
  • We will design wardrobes to sync with your other home decor
  • No matter how challenging the space or layout design, we can make wardrobes that fit to perfection
  • Our engineers and designers come with rich experience
  • We value your ideas, so you can always feel free to discuss anything you like; your needs and specifications are our priority

If you want gorgeous-looking, secure and strong windows for your home, get in touch with us. We would love to manufacture and install windows designed exclusively for your space.
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