At Deluxe Joinery, we provide a range of bespoke windows made from hardwood and softwood. We use only top quality materials, so you can rest assured your windows are the best available. Moreover our windows feature energy efficient glass, security locking, and top quality hardware. While we want to give you distinct-looking, stylish windows, your security is also our top concern.

We’ll spray-paint your windows to match your existing home design or create a perfect contrast, the choice is yours! The finishes are also supreme and guarantee satisfaction. At Deluxe Joinery, we use the latest technologies while staying centred on British design.

We are passionate about making your home look magnificent. Choose us and you will never have to compromise on the look or quality of your bespoke windows. Choose sash windows if you want a traditional English look or casement windows for a more modern look.


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Why choose our Windows?

  • Made from the highest quality wood and glass
  • Come with an easy opening mechanism
  • Strong and low on maintenance
  • Resistant to British weather conditions
    Offer an elegant look
  • Modern with hi-tech fixtures that ensure durability and security
  • Come with affordable prices
  • Come with multi-locking systems and ventilation grooves to ensure utmost functionality

If you want gorgeous-looking, secure and strong windows for your home, get in touch with us. We would love to manufacture and install windows designed exclusively for your space.
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